Thursday, January 1, 2009

Saving Money in 2009

One thing I would like to get back on track with and better at in 2009 is couponing! I was doing good for awhile about 8 months ago, playing The Grocery Game, but then summer came, kids were home and we were at the pool all summer so my couponing kinda went out the window! I have been reading other blogs, watching vlogs and talking to some people I know who do a great job at couponing. I will be sharing my findings, tips and savings with all of you throughout the year.

The one thing I always wondered about is how some people get so many of the same coupon. I recently found out from a friend of a friend, that she goes to the convenience stores by her and has arranged for them to save their leftover Sunday papers for her each Monday. I would have never thought of doing this! I took her advice and went to the mini mart down the street from me a few weeks ago and JACKPOT, the owner said he would be happy to give the leftover papers to me on Mondays! Now that I have the coupons, my next task is to create a coupon binder. I am going to Walmart tomorrow to see if I can find a binder and when I put it together I will show it to you.

If anyone has any tips or suggestions, please leave them in my comments I would love to hear from you! I need all the help I can get. LoL


peterpan said...

A number of years ago, I bought a FlyLady office in a bag which I promptly stopped using and put away. It has now been put to good use as my coupon binder. I would suggest using a zippered binder with a few pockets inside (for paper clips, pens, highlighter, scissors, and calculator). I file my coupons in baseball card insert sheets and use page protectors as dividers between grocery, paper/cleaning, and health and beauty aid sections. The page protectors are great to hold coupons pulled for upcoming sales and to keep my rebate submissions handy. Good luck in the New Year!

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