Sunday, January 4, 2009

Get Organized With Sandy ~ Car Caddie Review

Organize With Sandy

Have you heard of Organizer Sandy? I met her on twitter when I first started tweeting about 2 months ago and she is awesome! Sandy is a professional organizer trained to help you sort, declutter, reorganize and learn a system to stay organized. I could really use her help at my house how about you?

Sandy sent me a very cool Car Caddie to help me start organizing one area of my life, my van! I feel like I live in my van sometimes! I am always running around with the kids from one place to another and back again. My Car Caddie has helped organize the mess that is in my center console. Now I can keep my most used items right at my fingertips and the best part is I can carry it in and out of the house with me. No more looking for my MP3 player and realizing it is in the van, now when I'm in the house so is my MP3 player. It's in my Car Caddie on my dishwasher.

The Car Caddie is made of tan or black heavy leatherette fabric and comes in 2 sizes. It has several divided inside compartments as well as a few outside pockets. Here is all the stuff I have "stuffed" into my Pouchee!

Cool huh!

You can find this cool Car Caddie here at Organizer Sandy's website. They are $21.50 for the small size and $22.50 for the large size. Sandy also offers a slightly different design Purse Pouchee here that comes in many different colors and also costs $21.50 or $22.50 depending on the fabric. I would definitely recommend this product to all of my friends and family. It is awesome!


Would you like one of these cool little Car Caddies of your very own? You are in luck! All you have to follow my blog, leave me a comment and then click here to go to Organizer Sandy's Review site and complete her contest requirements. Good luck!

Thank you Organizer Sandy I love my Pouchee!


Sandy Jenney said...

Kim - I have an award for you!! Go to my site to pick it up. You are Fabulous!!

Rhonda said...

The Car Caddie looks great! Just this week I told my husband, "We need something in this car for our gloves, sunglasses, chapstick, etc." I'm following! Thanks a bunch!

hugs4mom said...

As a Mommy of 4 a car caddy would help my husband out greatly in keeping the car clean and me to remember where all my stuff for the car is!

Liz said...

I am following
I have a hard time w/ organization especially w/ 4 kiddos!

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