Sunday, January 25, 2009

National Compliment Day

I was part of a great mission this weekend started by @partyelizabeth from The Party Planning Professor.

Today is National Compliment Day and I was given 5 military wife blogs to check out and give them a smile for all their families do for our country :) The blogs I was given were fantastic! I would like to share them with all of you so you can see what wonderful women I got to meet today.

~Dayngrous Discourse ~ Military wife, mom of 2 REALLY cute kids, works PR for @eMail Our Military. eMOM is a great site you can join to connect with our military through the mail, you should check it out!
~Jenny The Military Spouse ~ Air Force wife, creator of "Jenny the Military Spouse" comic strip the only comic of it's kind! Very cute :)
~Kyle and Mal: Team Lego ~ Newlywed Army wife who recently was able to move to Korea to be with her hubby after being separated since their wedding.
~Married to the Military ~ SAHM of 3 BEAUTIFUL children, married to a Sergeant in the Air Force.
~Me Being Crafty ~ Crafty, homeschooling mom and Navy wife.

If you would like to help celebrate National Compliment Day, stop by one of these great blogs, or any other great blog you would like and leave a compliment in their comments and give them a smile today :)

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