Saturday, January 10, 2009

My First Blog Award!

My dear Twitter friend Erin from Son up to Son Down, gave me my very first blog award a few weeks ago! I am so excited! I just started blogging at the beginning of November and feel as if I have come a long way in that short period of time and I LOVE my blog. It is great to see that others feel the same way I do!

Upon receipt of this award the recipient must list 6 things that make her/him happy then pass the award forward to others so, here goes:

My Family

I have know my hubby for 20 years (wow, that's more than half my life) and we have been married for 12 years. He works 2 jobs day and night so I can stay home with our 4 kids, Emilee, our only girl, Zac, Austin, and Nathan. Here is our "everyone be crazy" Christmas photo. Doesn't it make you happy just looking at this photo

My Laptop

I would be lost without my laptop. I take it everywhere with me! I love being online and working on my blog. This makes me very happy :)

My Wii
When we first got our Wii 2 years ago, I was totally addicted! I played Elebits until my hands hurt and I had a headache, but I was determined to beat the game and I did! My addiction has lessened since then, but when I find a game I like (which is not hard to do) I love to play to get my mind off of other things and relax. Again happiness :)

My KitchenAid Mixer

I don't know what I did without this little beauty! Makes baking so much easier. Easy makes me very happy :)


I don't get much time to do this, but I love to do it. I love looking back at all the old photos and seeing how sweet my kids where at different ages. It's hard to believe how fast they grow up. Going away on scrapbook retreats really makes me happy :)

CouponsThis is a new thing for me. I just started trying to do serious couponing and I think I'm doing pretty good! It feels great to save money and I can't help but smile when I tell people what I am able to get with my coupons for a lot less money than I used too! Who wouldn't be happy about saving a ton of money? :)

Now it's time to pass this award on. Here are the blogs I have chosen to give this award too:

1.) Carissa and Jyl at Mom it Forward ~ These gals are the hosts for the weekly Girls Night Out (#gno) Twitter parties. They have big plans for their blog for the New Year. In their words "Mom It Forward empowers women to achieve success through service, strength and socializing. By strengthening families and communities Mom It Forward is changing the world one mom at a time." If you haven't checked Mom It Forward out, you should! #GNO is every Tuesday night on Twitter, 9 pm EST.

2.) This Military Mama ~ her blog posts are straight from the heart and honest. I admire her ability to put it all out there and share with everyone. She is a great twitter friend and so much fun to talk too!

3.) Melissa THE Consumer Queen ~ Melissa is the person to check out if you want to save money! She is amazing :) There is a lot of great money saving info on her site. I have learned a ton from her in the last few weeks and have saved bunches of money myself! If you haven't been to the castle, you are missing out!

4.) Ali from MissionFieldDesigns ~ Without Ali, my blog would not be so beautiful! She designed my blog exactly as I imagined. I choose my graphics and she put them together perfectly! She is a very talented designer and if you are interested in a blog redesign, you really should check her out. I just read on her blog that she is thinking about adoption and is in need of funds to help with her dream. Her blog designs will help raise the money her family needs to move forward with an adoption.


MomItForward said...

Hey! so sweet! Thanks! Can I just how cool it is that there are soooo many out there who really 'get' what we are trying to do... Jyl is the pie in the sky one and I'm just LOUD! But wow, it's amazing to see so many pull together and want to be a part of Mom It Forward!


MomItForward Jyl and Carissa said...

oops.. wrong account there, can't keep em straight.. Grr.. Here's to getting that new site up and RUNNING!!


Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Thanks so much for the award! I second Carissa's comment in that we love when people "get" the vision of Mom It Forward.

Thanks for being an important part of this great community! And, thanks for recognizing us with this award.


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