Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are There Monsters In Your House? ~ CurlyQ Cuties Review

Do you have kid that wakes up screaming in the middle of the night? I do! My 3 year old Nathan has an uncontrollable fear of monsters in our house.

Let me start at the beginning. I have a nephew Hayden who is the same age as my son. They spend a ton of time together and when they are together my nephew's favorite game to play is monsters. In the beginning, Nathan would only talk about monsters or have a fear on nights that he had been with Hayden during the day. It didn't take long for his imagination to get the best of him and after 2 sweet years of sleeping through the night he started waking up EVERY night calling for me to get rid of the monsters.

This has been going on now for about 6 months and mama is tired! We started by "chasing" the monsters back to Hayden's house. I would have to stand in the middle of the room and announce to the monsters "It's time for bed, get out, go away, go back to Hayden's house" This worked for a little while, but wouldn't you know after a few weeks they were coming back even after I chased them away! Darn monsters!

Now the weather was getting colder so I decided to go with "the monsters all went to Hawaii because it's too cold here." I hope I never decide to go on vacation to Hawaii because I don't think he will go! Anyway this also worked for a few days until the sun came out one cold December day and Nathan decided it wasn't cold enough here anymore because the sun was out and they were back, again.

So we tried flashlights to shine in the monsters eyes, he would leave them on ALL night and I was going through way too many batteries! Not to mention, he would play with the flashlight during the day, loose it and freak out a bedtime!

Next we tried the "monster spray" Santa left under the tree. I was really excited about this one, he wasn't. He said the monsters liked the smell and it made them come in his room! By this time he pretty much even had my 6 yr old who shares a room with him convinced there were monsters in there!

So now I am at the end of my rope, how am I going to get this kid to sleep at night? Then by some Twitter miracle I came across CurlyQ Cuties!

CurlyQ Cuties are custom made monsters you design at the CurlyQ Cuties website! They are completely handmade from anti-pill fleece, some felt, and are stuffed with hypo-allergenic polyfil. These adorable monsters cost $25 plus shipping. WORTH EVERY PENNY! (come on you can't put a price on sleep can you!)

Here is a little about the company from their website:

"CurlyQ Cuties was started in early 2008 by mompreneur Stephanie Estrin as an alternative to impersonal plastic toys manufactured overseas.

After searching for safe and locally made toys to encourage imaginative play in her own children, Stephanie experimented with making plush Monsters from her children's descriptions and drawings.

Stephanie's children liked their Monsters so much that Stephanie decided to make them available to others. She opened a shop on Etsy selling ready-made Monsters.

After several customer requests for customized variations, we developed the CurlyQ Cuties website to make it easy to design your own plush Monster toy. Shortly thereafter, we closed the Etsy shop to focus on the Made-to-Order business.

We have experienced significant growth since then. We are completely focused on providing a quality customized product and an unparalleled customer service experience at a completely affordable price."

When I found these great little monsters I was so excited! I sat Nathan down in front of the computer and we began to design his very own "good" monster. You choose every aspect of your monster, the shape, the eyes, the mouth, the belly shape, and all the colors! We spent over an hour trying out lots of different combinations it was so much fun!

Here are a few we tried out:

Finally I got him to choose "the one" and here it is:
Isn't it cute! He was so excited he couldn't wait to meet his monster!

A few days later we got a package in the mail and by luck, my cousin was visiting and she had her Flip video camera with her so I was able to catch the "meeting" on video for you!

So now we have our "good" monster who's job is to chase away the "bad" monsters and let me tell you IT IS WORKING LIKE MAGIC!

Nathan sleeps with Red every night and loves showing him off to everyone. My 6 year old wants one now and I think I am going to get him one for his birthday!

I am very pleased with the quality of our monster, he is very well made and stuffed to perfection! Thanks to Red (and of course CurlyQ Cuties) I am getting some sleep again, YIPPEE!

These monsters are a MUST HAVE for any children who have a fear of monsters. They also make great friends for children who love monsters! To order your custom CurlyQ Cutie visit the website here and create away! Gift certificates are also available so you can give a monster to anyone and they can design it themselves.

Thank you CurlyQ Cuties for helping my son overcome his fears and for giving him a friend to love!


PlusSizeMommy said...

YOU have an award to pick up :)

Jane @ Kidzarama said...

That is such a fantastic idea!

I hope it's still working for you both :)
Sleepless nights are the pits.

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