Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy 100th Post To Me! 100 Things About Me

Wow I can't believe it's been 100 posts already! Time sure flies when you are having fun doesn't it!

From what I understand it is time to do a "100 things about me" post for my 100th post. Here goes, they are in no particular order, just typing as I think of them. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think :) Thanks.

Most of you know I am married and have 4 kids so I'm gonna skip that! I hope you enjoy :)

1. I always wanted to be a toe dancer and took dance for 13 years until they finally told me (at age 14) I didn't have a chance cause I was too tall.
2. I'm 5'11" tall
3. I like to garden and I have had my own garden for about 7 years. 4. My favorite girlfriend movie is "Grease" I know all the words by heart.
5. Before my Twitter addiction, I was addicted to playing Webkinz.
6. My first car was a brown Plymouth Volare. It only had an AM radio and no rear window defogger. We parted when it spontaneously caught on fire on my way home from student teaching one day.
7. I have a degree in Elementary Education from The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. Also known as UPJ.
8. I met my husband when I was 16, we have been together ever since.
9. I used to be really skinny. Disgustingly skinny.
10. I collect Precious Moments. I currently have over 200.
11. I have never taught a day in my life, I ended up working in Human Resources after graduating from college.
12. I had MAJOR 80's hair.
13. I am afraid of heights, but I love the adrenaline rush of a good roller coaster.
14. I went to England when I was 13 with an Explorer group and partied HARD! OMG would you let your 13 year old daughter do this? I know I wouldn't, hard to believe my mom let me go.
15. I lived in a bubble as a child, my mom was very protective. (why did she let me go overseas???)
16. So, when I was in labor with my 1st child I blamed my mom for all of my pain because she never let me get hurt so I didn't know what real pain felt like. Love you Mom :) All the pain was worth it.
17. When I was little I used to cry about my "problems" to my poodle Pepe.
18. I used to sell Pampered Chef and I think I have everything they produce.
19. My best friend is Wendy, she lives in Nashville, and I miss her everyday.
20. I always wanted 8 kids, but finally realized 4 was my limit.
21. I can't stand the smell of vanilla candles, they give me a headache.
22. I love chocolate, but I don't like chocolate cake.
23. I can't eat french fries without ketchup, but I can't eat ketchup on anything but french fries.
24. I don't drink coffee, I don't think I have ever even tasted it.
25. When I was in labor with my 1st child I flashed my dad (I was delirious) to show him the one spot on my belly where all the pain was. I think he is still recovering.
26. Before November 2008, I didn't even know what blogging was.
27. I was in love with Kirk Cameron as a tween.
28. I also was in love with John Taylor from Duran Duran, still love them today.
29. My first concert was Duran Duran in 1988, I went with my Grandma.
30. I said I was gonna get pregnant on my honeymoon, and I did. My Grandma was counting on her fingers when my daughter was born 3 weeks early.
31. I watch way too much tv and I let my kids watch way too much tv.
32. I have a weakness for bags of all kinds. I had 4 different diaper bags with my last baby.
33. I hate doing dishes.
34. My house is always a mess.
35. I love Disney movies and I think I have most of the older ones on VHS.
36. My favorite flavor is raspberry.
37. My favorite color is pink.
38. I live across the street from my parents, next to my mother in law and on the same block as my brother. My parent's house is the house I grew up in.
39. I love the beach.
40. I torture my children every time we go to the beach while trying to get the "perfect" beach photo. I think they still like the beach.
41. I can't dance.
42. I like Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers, but my DD11 and DS9 keep trying to tell me I'm to old to like them.
43. I am an impulse shopper
44. I don't have any cavities
45. I'm stuck here on #45
46. I have recently fallen in love with Edward from Twilight
47. I bite my fingernails
48. I cry way to easily, I even tear up when I talk to people in regular conversations.
49. I have watched every episode of Survivor from the beginning
50. I met Amber after the first time she was on Survivor
51. I met Amber and Rob after Survivor All Stars.
52. I love the Harry Potter books.
53. I love Ellen.
54. I love Chris Mann.
55. I swear I saw a ghost when I was a kid in my Aunt's attic.
56. I use way too many paper plates. (see #33)
57. I fixed my wiper fluid hose in my Volare once with a straw from Sheetz. It was winter and I needed my wiper fluid to make it home from college!
58. I dye my hair, I have tons of grey. Really!
59. I never learned how to drive a stick shift.
60. I grew up boating every weekend from the time I was just a few months old.
61. I never learned how to water ski (see #15)
62. I cried when my Dad sold our boat. It was about 8 years ago :(
63. I wish I could afford a boat.
64. I am Italian.
65. I want a tattoo. I don't know why since I don't like pain, it's a mystery to me.
66. "@tncountrygal thinks I'm good people" ~ thanks @tncountrygal :)
67. I used to have 5 piercings in my ears, they have long since closed up and I am now down to 2. 68. I have a ton of shoes, but I hate wearing shoes.
69. I eat my salad without dressing.
70. I don't like to try new foods.
71. I did try Indian food for the first time at SXSW and it wasn't so bad.
72. I still don't like to try new foods. Lol
73. My favorite ice cream is Eddy's Loaded Peanut Butter Cup. YUMMY
74. I just started text messaging last week at SXSW.
75. I cannot make brownies to save my life. They are either uncooked or hard as bricks.
76. I am a Pepsi addict
77. I still have my pooh bear and blankie from when I was little, thanks to my mom who saves everything.
78. I threw away the roses from my Mom and Dad's wedding cake (over 30 years old). They were in her freezer, I was cleaning it out, I didn't know what they were until months later. She was pretty mad when she found out. Sorry Mom :)
79. I can't take liquid medicine, I have an overactive gag reflex all I have to do is smell the medicine and I'm done.
80. I listen to Taylor Swift while I cut my grass.
81. I stay up way too late every night (like tonite, gotta finish tomorrow)
82. When I was a tween I was the roller skating limbo champ at our roller rink.
83. Merry-go-rounds make me ill.
84. I like to do puzzles.
85. I'm a geek, would be lost without my electronics.

86. I dream of winning the lottery, but I never play. I guess it doesn't work that way huh?
87. I have always wanted a light blue convertible VW Cabriolet. Do you think I could fit 4 kids in one?
88. I am a Cub Scout Den leader.
89. I worship the sun. I used to use baby oil mixed with iodine when I was in high school to accelerate my tan.
90. I am clumsy.
91. I don't like making lists about myself.
92. I am obsessed with putting things in containers. My pantry is full of Tupperware and all the kids toys are sorted and put into storage bins.
93. I can't sing.
94. I had a piano teacher when I was around 9 and I hated it, I wish I would have stuck it out.
95. I love to read, I wish I had more time to do it.
96. I do lots of crafts (duh, I know that's kinda obvious, but I thought I'd throw that one in!)
97. I like to bake cookies (unfortunately I like to eat them too)
98. I don't like Spongebob
99. I can't spell.
100. I love you for sticking around until #100 and reading all this crazy stuff about me :)

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Run DMT said...

I bite my nails too.

I love the beach too. I am always trying to capture the perfect family picture, too.

I would LOVE to have 4 children. You are so blessed.

Visit me and read my 100 List too.


Emilie said...

Thanks for sharing so much about you! It made for a very interesting read. I will have to do this with my 100th post, too!

tsel said...

I wanted to be a toe dancer too, until I realized it was WORK.

I want a BOAT too!!!! OMG. I wish my folks would figure out how to either USE the old ones from my grandpa or else get us a NEW one. (The lake property is the family's. Before you see $$, think trailer from the 70sin the woods).

I just let a hole close so now I am down to two holes too.

tselmorrah (twitter)

Michelle said...

I'm from twitter too.

Cute list and wonderful idea. I'm sorry my 100th post as passed otherwise I might do the same thing.

Leslie said...

Congratulations on your 100th POST!!!!!

Sandy Jenney said...

Wow..>I would have had a hard time thinking of 100 things. It was great. Feel like I learned lots.

Renee Henderson said...

Very entertaining...will try to do this when I get to 100 posts, if I ever make it. I'm a twitter follower, also.

CanCan (MomMostTraveled) said...

Hmm. We seem to be pretty much opposites, aside from the hair trigger crying reflex.

Lori aka A Cowboy's Wife said...

We are both alike on 48. Well, I used to be. Love grease and feel free to send me some of that Pampered Chef and tupperware!

Congrats on your 100th post!

Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...


You are SO cute in this list! I smiled all the way through reading it :). From memory, what most stands out is I love the beach and torture my kids with annual pictures; yes, they will remember this when they have kids of their own. I was gonna marry Kirk Cameron for a while and I'm afraid of heights (but roller coasters hurt my back), too. I don't like (or get) Spongebob and I like to bake/eat cookies.

No wonder we got along at SXSW so well...there's probably more similarities, but I've forgotten 'em by now.

Great list, you're "good people", ya know? :)

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