Monday, February 9, 2009

Trying Again! Help Me Win a Laptop from Family Eden.

I need your help! I am trying to win a laptop from for my kids. To vote for my sweetheart story please follow these directions:

~Goto here and sign in. (if you are not a member you will have to register in order to vote)
~It takes you to your room, look in the upper right had corner and click on the home button
~Find the Sweethearts Building ~ It is in the upper right hand corner of the home page; click on the building.
~A room will come up, click on the pillow on the couch that says "blog" another window will open up in your browser
~Find my post it is titled "How I met My Sweetheart by Crafty Mama of 4"
~Read my story and leave a comment by clicking "add comment" at the end of my post.

The story with the most comments by Febuary 27th wins!

If you do this for me come back and leave a comment and I will give you a bonus entry in one of my upcoming giveaways of your choice.



Sandy Jenney said...

Hi Kim,
I tried to leave a comment. I first tried and it wouldn't load. Then I hit 1 comment - a page came up but it was one that you would write a post on....not a normal comment section. So I went out of that. It showed you now had 2 i not sure if it counted it or not. Let me know, I tried again but it wouldn't let me back in.

Kathi said...

hi Kim! I did it! Just now,left the comment as me (kathi (mkdieb) i hope you win you have a great family!!! hugs kathi

Michelle said...

I had never heard of that site but now I have so I'll be checking it out, I left you a comment

craftymamaof4 said...

Thank you guys so much! Dont forget your extra entry in one of my giveaways, just leave a comment in the one you want and say "voted for laptop" as your comment :)

vinnit said...

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