Thursday, May 21, 2009

Night Out With Yanni Voices

You may have seen my previous post about my opportunity (thanks to One 2 One Network)to go see Yanni Voices last week, I'm back to tell you it was FANTASTIC!!!

As I mentioned before, Yanni would not have been my first choice of music but, I have changed my mind. Maybe it's because I am older and I appreciate music more now, or maybe it is because I felt connected because I met Nathan and Ender at Blissdom, or maybe it's because everyone on that stage was so incredibly talented, I can't really say for sure what has changed my mind, but I will tell you if you have the chance to go see this concert you really should go. You can see if it is coming to your city here. Going into it my mom had no idea what to expect and had never really listened to Yanni but she too was very impressed and had a great time.

Yanni Voices is the result of Yanni teaming up with producer Rik Wake and some very talented vocal artists including Ender Thomas, Chole, Leslie Mills, and Nathan Pacheco. The 4 "voices" have written words to Yanni's classic songs and they sing those words beautifully and with passion.

Hearing Leslie sing "Before the Night Ends" gave me the chills.


Watching Ender dance gave me a hot flash.


Listening to Nathan sing in Italian completely melted my soul even though I didn't understand one word he was singing.


Chloe's voice made me feel as if I was listening to an angel sing.


Chloe and Ender do a duet called "Mi Todo Eres Tu (Until the Last Moment)" as he sings the Latin vocals, she sings the English vocals and it is amazing how well they blend the two languages together as one voice.

I can't forget the orchestra, they had to be one of the most talented group of musicians ever assembled for a concert like this.

From the dueling violins,


to the drummer,


to the amazing harpist,


one after another the continued to amaze me with their talent. And of course Yanni, watching the passion in his face as he was doing something he truly loves and has dedicated his live to was amazing.


Throughout the concert he would stop and talk and he was really funny too! One story he told (please don't quote me here, I am remembering as well as I can) was about how he and the drummer had been playing together for somewhere in the area of 25 years. They started out playing in rock bands, up until 4 or 5 am after gigs he (Yanni) would dream about someday doing exactly what he was doing right now and he said "It's ok to dream something because once and awhile dreams do come true." Such a moving statement, and you could see in the faces of everyone on stage that they too were living out a dream.


If seeing it in their faces wasn't enough, we got to hear it firsthand from them when we met them backstage after the concert!

Me and Mom


Not only did I get to see a great concert, meet some great artists, spend some quality time with my mom, but I also got to enjoy the night with 2 great blog friends Beth aka Plus Size Mommy and Alaina Frederick. Thanks One 2 One Network!


You can learn more about the artists by clicking on each name

Ender Thomas
Nathan Pacheco
Leslie Mills

Listen to "Before the Night Ends" on Leslie's MySpace page

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Craftymama for taking me to see this concert. I was impressed and loved the music. I also enjoyed meeting them backstage. It was a great evening.
Love ya

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