Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Plea to Protect a Bed for $300 Scholarship for Blogher

I purchased my ticket to Blogher before the early bird discount expired and I figured the rest would fall into place, I had lots of time right? Well here I am a short time until the conference and things are not falling into place as well as I had hoped. With 4 kids and a hubby that works 2 jobs so I can stay home, its hard to justify spending money on a blogging conference. At least that's what my hubby thinks.

I went to Blissdom, I was fortunate enough to win a trip to SXSW thanks to Walmart, I know how a blogging conference can help me become a better and more profitale brand, but until it starts to show some return its hard to convince my husband. I am a fairly new blogger and I have a lot to learn yet, with all the stuff going on about transperancy and disclosure, I found there is much more I need to clue in on than I realized in order to protect myself and my brand. Speaking of my brand, can anyone help me figure out what it is? Blogher can help me with this not only through the speakers but through the awesome bloggers I will be able to socialize with in person while in Chicago.

So, Protect a Bed, PLEASE help me become a better blogger by helping me get to Blogher in July. Sometimes us smaller bloggers just need a break to get on our feet. We may not have the numbers that some of the larger blogs have, but we have just as much potential as they do, we just need someone to give us a chance.

Not convinced yet that I NEED to goto Blogher, how's this to seal the deal?

Note: This video only contains 2 of the 4 crafty kids and 2 of the 3 crafty dogs, add 2 more kids and 1 more dog and the activity multiples fast! Make sure you stick around until the end you don't want to miss the temper tantrum!

Protect a Bed, not only do I need help becoming a better blogger, I need a vacation!


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