Sunday, December 21, 2008

Quick Spicy Chili

I'm not much of a chili eater, I don't like the beans, but last weekend I stopped at my brother's house and my SIL had made some and it smelled good so I tried some.

Wow it was really good and I have been craving it all week so I asked her for the recipe and made some today. I'm gonna share the recipe with all of you it will definitely help warm you up on these cold winter days!

1 lb cooked ground meat
1 26 oz jar spaghetti sauce
1 jar salsa - your choice of mildness
1 pkg chili seasoning
1 can chili beans (I made mine without)

Mix it all together and cook until heated through. Top with shredded cheddar cheese and crushed nacho chips.

That's it! Even if you don't cook I think you could manage this, very easy and YUMMY!

Oh yeah, you might want to take some Tums with it :)



Mama 4 Kids said...

I was not much of a chili eater myself, because every type of chili I tried was too spicy (and I am not one for spicy foods). Then my hubs made it a few weeks ago, and I am hooked. He makes it a similar way, but instead of salsa, he uses tomato paste and the beans are regular kidney beans (3 colors) and baked beans. I love it!! Just add some corn bread and its all good.

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