Sunday, December 14, 2008

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Here in PA when the weather gets cold, the birds get hungry! We always make sure we feed our backyard friends when the snow falls. This year we made our own bird feeders. By doing this we saved money by not buying any new expensive bird feeders, we recycled because we used plastic bottles, and we had fun! Here is a bird trying out the one we hung on our porch.

They are very easy to make. This is what you need:

16 - 24 oz plastic water or soda bottle with lid
Wooden BBQ skewer
Bird seed
Permanent markers

~About 1/2 way down one side of the bottle cut an opening about the size of a bar of soap. You can cut the flap of or leave it attached on the top and fold it up to make an "awning"

~Cut the sharp edge off of each end of the skewer and cut it in half.

~Under the opening poke a small hole and place one half of the skewer in the hole push it through and cut another hole in the other side so the skewer goes through a little bit.

~Use permanent markers to decorate your bird feeder

~Make a hanger by tying the string around the bottle just under the lid.

~Fill bottom with seed and hang!

I used this as a craft with my Tiger Cub scouts and they really enjoyed it .

You can make a larger version of this by using a 2 liter bottle or 64 oz juice bottle and a dowel rod.



Anonymous said...

I completed this project in 5minutes. I used a hot tip to poke the holes in lid, and for skewers.

Thanks for posting this easy to make project!

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